Fridges and Turkeys

I think this has to have been the week of fridges.

Prior to this week, we were the owners of two rather old fridges. Just your good old top mount freezer style, white textured surface, kind of small, because that’s all they made back in those days. A good 15 years old I’d say. The second fridge in our small laundry took up a lot of room but boy, was I grateful for it when the fortnightly market vegie shop plunder arrived!

Sad to say, second fridge died a few weeks ago. I heard a strange ticking in the night which perplexed me for a few days until I went to get something out of the fridge and realised it was not only not cold, but very, very warm inside. Eeeeeew!

Trying to get rid of a non working fridge is not an easy task when you have stairs leading up to your house. I made enquiries but they all wanted to pick it up for a fee from the pavement. How am I supposed to get it down there? Isn’t that what I am calling you for?

So poor old dead second fridge stayed put for a bit, until the next vegie shop came in. I was like a train monitor at Tokyo Central Station cramming those vegies into my little working fridge, shutting the door as fast as I could before they all tumbled out. This was not going to do for long and so began the research for a shiny new big, BIG fridge.

There is a lot of choice out there! Top Mount, Bottom Mount, French Door, Side By Side… my head was swimming but I made a choice and new bigger fridge is happily in place (and thrown into the deal was removal of both fridges and free delivery – stoked!).

It is bigger than the last but somehow never quite big enough. Or do we just fill them to capacity because we can? Kind of like no matter how much you earn, you always spend relative to that and never save as much as you imagined you might be able to. I don’t know, but that new big fridge is FULL!

You can never have everything. I know. No matter how large my fridge budget may have been, the fridge had to fit in the predetermined kitchen cavity so that cancels out a lot of choice right there. My fridge is a lot more organised and things are easily accessible now. Having a bottom freezer is a great idea and has lovely slide out drawers, but they are jam-packed! I think I need to rethink my methods in this department…

Anyway, we had some friends over today for lunch and the husband was late because, lo and behold, their fridge had died that morning and being the weekend he had to run out to try to get one straight away so they didn’t lose all there refrigerated goods. And they are moving next week – bad timing!

So he finally arrived, warm welcomes all round and a big cardboard box thrust into my arms with the words, ” I have a little present for you”. Some wine? Some nibblies? …No, just the largest frozen turkey I have ever seen! Uh, Thanks? “I got it free with the fridge I just bought”!

Now, I have never cooked a turkey in my life. I have cooked many a chook but never a turkey. But I’m sure that will be another blog. In the meantime, I have to get that mother in my freezer!

So the ice bucket came out and the turkey went in…just! Now I have to think about roasting it. I might also think about opening a turkey cafe out the front of my house. I just know that after this I am not going to even want to look our resident wandering bush turkey in the eye. Do I really have to keep that gigantic bird in my freezer until Christmas?  Do I have to buy a new big oven now to fit the turkey?

Stay tuned. I have no doubt there will be more to this story. Gobble, gobble!

2 thoughts on “Fridges and Turkeys

  1. Mark November 18, 2012 at 10:27 pm Reply

    Kyls, it’s Thanksgiving this Thursday so roast that bird as a trial run for Christmas! It’s also my Dad’s birthday so if you need someone to eat it I am sure he can help!
    (I assume these comments are not pubic?)

    • Kylie November 18, 2012 at 11:06 pm Reply

      We would be eating turkey for a month and then moving onto Christmas ham! I’d be over the festive season before it began!

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