Beef Stroganoff and Heavenly Potato Mash

The Thermomix Everyday Cookbook is keeping me pretty entertained at the moment. So no, this is not a fancy, made up recipe of my own, but just a simple road test for those of you new to Thermie like me.

My husband loves Beef Stroganoff and it is something I have made often for him. I think it reminds him of the dishes his Russian Grandma would make as he grew up. The EDC recipe is a little different in its ingredients, but vastly different in the method. Obviously, because it uses the Thermomix, and with that comes a lot less hassle and a lot less cleaning up. Hooray to that.

Traditionally, you toss the beef strips in seasoned flour, coating them lightly and pan fry them. They brown off nicely, BUT, what you also get is a crusty coating stuck fast to the bottom of your pan, which you then add wine or liquid to in order to incorporate the flour into the sauce to thicken it. And keep your fingers crossed it all lifts off the pan, otherwise get your steel wool scrubbing arm ready for wash up time.

Many steps and many dirty dishes make Beef Stroganoff, not light work.

And then on the other hand, we have “Beef Strog Thermie style” (to the tune of Gangnam Style)!

Chop your onion, saute it for 2 mins, throw all other ingredients in the Thermomix and 20 mins later, out comes Beef Stroganoff! It was very tasty. My other recipe doesn’t use wine, so I will be interested to hear Hubby’s verdict.

I threw it in the Thermoserver to keep warm while I made the best potato mash ever!

First time I have made it with my dream machine and certainly not the last. Even mash-phobic Kid 1 thought it was good!

Farewell most ridiculous, bent, lump-leaving potato masher! I won’t miss you. Ever.


Tonight it was a mash made in heaven. (He, He!)



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