Moroccan Chicken Pie

This recipe is for all tired mums (dads, folk in general..) out there who come home from a hard day’s work, the kids are hungry and you don’t know what to have for dinner. It’s also for those times when you are down to the dregs in your fridge but still want to feed your family something nutritious.

A friend of mine made a similar pie to this a while ago for me, I lost the recipe and so this is my attempt to recreate it. Easily done in a pot on the stove, or in the Thermomix.

It is based on the “Fast Chicken Curry” recipe from the Everyday Cookbook (EDC) for the Thermomix. Don’t you just love a recipe with ‘Fast’ in the title?

Instead of curry paste, I used about a tablespoon of Masterfoods Moroccan Seasoning and 1/2 tablespoon of Ceylon Curry Powder. If you are looking for a low fat option, you could substitute Carnation Evaporated Milk (coconut or regular) for the Coconut Milk in the recipe.

The recipe requires about 200g of chopped vegies – Use whatever you have in your fridge or freezer. I used potato, beans, carrots, broccoli and corn. I’ll suggest celery, cauliflower, peas, zucchini, pumpkin as well. It would all work!

Once you have cooked the recipe as in the cookbook, throw it into a pie dish without too much of the liquid, top with a defrosted pre-rolled Puff Pastry sheet, brush with egg and into the oven for 20 mins. If you like a thicker sauce, you could add some cornflour to the recipe when you add the coconut milk.

If you cook it on the stovetop, saute your onion, garlic and spices first and then add the other ingredients together. Mix your cornflour in a little water before adding to the pot and be sure to stir until it has reached the boil.

Maybe it was the fact that I exercised today and was hungry, or just the fact that it was really tasty, but I had seconds. So did Kid 1. Kid 2 opted for egg and bacon on toast – you can’t please everyone and at least he cooked it himself.

You could adapt this idea to any of your favourite casseroles or curries. Use leftovers. Once that pastry is puffed and golden on top, it looks amazing and impresses the fussiest eaters. Have curry with rice and pappadums one night, and curry pie with salad the next. Too easy.

Do you have a favourite pie recipe? Please share it below in the comments section. I’d love to hear your ideas.

Moroccan Chicken Pie

2 cloves garlic

1 onion, peeled and quartered

30g oil (you can reduce this if you prefer)

1 tblsp Moroccan seasoning

1/2 tblsp Ceylon Curry Powder

300-400g coconut milk

2 potatoes, chopped into bite size cubes

salt to taste

500g chicken, diced

200g fresh or frozen mixed vegetables, chopped into bite sized pieces

2 tblsp fresh coriander leaves

1-2 sheets frozen pre-rolled puff pastry

1 egg

1 tblsp water


Preheat oven to 200C.

Place onion and garlic in TM bowl and chop 5 secs on speed 7.

Add oil, Moroccan Seasoning and Curry Powder and saute for 3 mins at 100C on speed 1.

Take your puff pastry sheets out of the freezer and place on bench to defrost.

Add coconut milk, salt and potatoes and cook 10 mins at 100C on Reverse + speed soft.

Add chicken and mixed vegetables and cook for 15 mins at 100C on Reverse + speed soft.

Once cooked, mix in coriander. Place in shallow pie dish, with only a small amount of the liquid.( you don’t want your pie too runny).

Top with puff pastry. If one sheet is not big enough for your dish, just cut some strips from the second sheet to fit the gaps, or use two sheets joined down the centre.

Brush with egg whisked with 1 tablespoon of water.

Place in oven for approximately 20-30 mins or until golden brown and puffed.

Eat with gusto and enjoy!


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