Homemade Mayonnaise

There is nothing quite like the taste of homemade mayonnaise and I have just made some for the first time ever!

The recipe is from the Everyday Cookbook for the Thermomix and its reputation preceded it. Most makers of the mayo absolutely rave about it, but then I have read other forums and Facebook pages in which many attempt it but don’t succeed. It appeared the elements must be at the correct temperature and all the stars must be aligned for it to emulsify, so I set out yesterday for my first attempt.

Eggs out of fridge, everything at room temperature,check. Followed recipe precisely, check. Made mayonnaise…well, no. I did make a big runny oily mess though, which looked nothing like mayonnaise. I felt so disheartened.

Determined not to let the mayo beat me (excuse the pun!) I decided to try again today. Basically I did everything the same as yesterday but the egg and mustard were DEFINITELY at room temp (that’s the only thing I can think of that I did wrong the first time).

When I opened my Thermomix at the end, I was cheering to see gorgeous creamy mayonnaise that tastes amazing! No sore arms from whisking to save your life. That fab little machine did it’s thing for 5 minutes and voila! I can’t wait to add it to a sandwich, or dip a piece of crumbed fish in it!

Here is a link to the recipe – Mayonnaise from the EDC

This recipe says to use Extra Virgin Olive Oil but I think the taste is too strong. I used sunflower oil, or I believe grapeseed oil is fine too. I didn’t add garlic this time, or the egg white and it turned out perfectly. Don’t add to much salt. It doesn’t need it.

I am keen to try out various other variations now because I’m sure I will be making this regularly!

Do you have a favourite mayonnaise flavour?



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