Mandarin, Macadamia and Polenta Cake

I made this cake this morning for the second time. The first time using traditional methods and this time I converted the recipe for the Thermomix. I had some friends over for morning tea. One of them is Gluten Intolerant and this cake is perfect for her!

I had rave reviews the first time I made it and the second time round was just as good. It’s easy, if not a little time consuming but really worth it if you are prepare ahead for the time it takes to cook the mandarins and the cake. Making it all in the Thermomix is so simple with using only the one bowl, rather than saucepans, bowls, measuring cups and mixers. You only have to wash one bowl!

If you have not already tried baking a flourless Orange and Almond Cake, or something similar to this using whole citrus fruit, go ahead and try it. They are delicious, really moist and full of flavour.

Mandarins are in season at the moment so this recipe is perfect for this time of year.

The polenta adds a lovely texture to the cake and if you like, you can substitute the macadamias for raw almonds as well.

This cake would be great as a decadent dessert with double cream on the side, or a slice on its own is enough to satisfy the soul.

Here is the link. Mandarin, Macadamia and Polenta Cake

It is posted on the Thermomix Recipe Community.





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