Aussie Meat Pies

Tonight I tried the Aussie Meat Pies from the new Everyday Cookbook.

They turned out rather well despite it being a rushed effort, squeezed in before soccer training. We were counting the minutes until they were ready, kid 1 wolfed one down and out the door we went!

You have to make one quantity of shortcrust pastry and one quantity of rough puff pastry, then the filling.

All elements were easy and both pastries easy to work with.

For the filling, I used rump steak. I must say I found the meat was still a tad chewy, but ok. The sauce is quite rich. Like I mentioned, Kid 1 was keen to eat a second one had we had time, so on that front they were a winner. Kid 2 tasted it (double win…don’t ask!)
I must say I prefer the sauce to be milder, more casserole-like,(if that makes any sense!). I’m not really seeing how soy sauce enhances the flavour. I’d like to see more veggies in the base, a dash of red wine, some beef stock…I’ll have to try something out.
Let me know if you’ve got a fail safe beef pie recipe.

On another note, the pastry was great! That was my first attempt at rough puff pastry and it was light and flaky. They came out of the muffin tins easily and held shape well.

Wait, wait…kid 2 is going back for more! Yes! They must be good!!

Here’s a link to the recipe: Aussie Meat Pies


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