Delicious Chicken Soup with Homemade Chicken Stock Paste

Right. That’s it! I’m just going to give you the link right now…

creamy chicken soup

Creamy Chicken and Brown Rice Soup. With homemade chicken stock paste. Say no more.

Well, actually I will say some more. This soup is DELICIOUS! I’ve just consumed a bowl of this hearty awesomeness for the second night running and I am trying very hard not to eat my husband’s share (he’s doing such a great job with the kids at cubs that I’d better leave him some for when he comes home starving!).

I have had this recipe sitting in my folder for a while and I kept glancing at the fact that I had to make chicken stock paste first before making the soup. When I turn to making soup, it usually means I am in a hurry and it just seemed all too hard to wait for stock.

Well, silly, silly me! The stock paste was a cinch, made a good amount for use in lots of other dishes, and was so worthwhile.

This soup is creamy, but without cream. To begin, you mill brown rice and almonds and add this to the soup at a later stage. It creates a gorgeous creaminess to the soup, full of goodness. It tastes just like a delicious, old-fashioned soup that your Nanna would make. It is super tasty, filling and only has good things in it. I’m amazed that a few simple ingredients can create such a depth of flavour.

The perfect remedy for my cold. Sniff, sniff!

The recipe is from the fab Jo at Quirky Cooking, a much loved blog. Lots of great recipes to be found there.

So, just wanted to share my yummy dinner with you and encourage you to make it!

Tomorrow I’m taking a jar of the chicken stock paste and the recipe to work for my colleague. Got to share the love!

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